Bashundhara Oil and Gas Company Ltd (BOGCL)


Bashundhara Oil and Gas Company Ltd. (BOGCL) was established in 2005 which is a sister concern of Bashundhara group. As the first stepping stone in materializing the vision of BOGCL, the Bashundhara Bitumen / Asphalt Production Plant has already launched products which are distributed throughout the country whose construction work commenced on 2016.
The implementation of good designs for highways, roads and bridges is ensured by high quality materials. With the dedication to take this ongoing infrastructural development program to the next level, Bashundhara Bitumen / Asphalt Production Plant focuses on supplying the premium quality bitumen. Our visionary business strategy is not only to make Bangladesh self-sufficient with bitumen, but also to open our doors to our valued overseas clients. We proudly announce that by 2021, we wish to export around 700,000 MT of bitumen, reaching highest production capacity in Bangladesh with 1,200,000 MT per annum. Hence, furnished with the unique production technology, competitive price, unparalleled customer service, we are here with around 500 qualified personnel to make ‘Road to the future’.


Polymer Modified Bitumen

Selective bitumen & elastomeric polymer flawless together. Bashundhara PMB SBS-ID is…

Penetration Grade Bitumen

Consistency and empirical tests result second to none. Bashundhara Premium penetration grade…

Emulsified Bitumen

At emergency in any seasonal change. Bashundhara Bitumen Emulsion (Cationic Medium Setting) is a cold applied…

Cutback Bitumen

itumen and petroleum are optimum at the one. Bashundhara cutback bitumen is a mixer ideal ratio of straight-run bitumen…


Apart from its principal use as a binder in asphalt mixing, bitumen has various other applications such as roofing, anti-slip layer…


The most common type of diesel fuel is a specific fractional distillate of petroleum fuel oil, but alternatives that…


Naphtha normally refers to a number of flammable liquid mixtures of hydrocarbons, i.e., a component of natural gas…


Fuel oil is any of various fractions obtained from the distillation of petroleum (crude oil). Such oils include distillates…


Bashundhara Oil and Gas have opened a new edge to provide long-lasting and sustainable roads and highways with Bashundhara Bitumen. After meeting/ satisfying the local demand for bitumen, we plan to export Bitumen to the world to enrich Bangladesh’s forex reserve. Our Plan is to make Bangladesh more developed with her elegant roads and highways. We are committed to ensuring safe working environment practices for our employees.


Powering Progress sets out bashundhara bitumen’s strategy to accelerate the transition of our business to net-zero emissions, in step with society. It is designed to integrate sustainability with our business strategy. Our commitment to contribute to sustainable development has been part of the Bashundhara Bitumen since 2005. These principles, together with our Code of Conduct, apply to the way we do business and to our conduct with the communities where we operate. We have worked to embed this sustainability commitment into our strategy, our business processes and decision-making. We aim to provide more and cleaner energy solutions in a responsible manner – in a way that balances short- and long-term interests, and that integrates economic, environmental and social considerations.

Our Strategy

Today, we continue to build on these foundations while driving change across the organization to help society meet its most pressing challenges, including those related to climate change, the environment, diversity and inclusion, and human rights. We seek the views of various groups and individuals about the role of a company like Bashundhara Bitumen in addressing these challenges. Our efforts are informed by major international agreements and initiatives, such as the Paris Agreement and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


To produce premium quality Bitumen and be a pioneer of sustainable development for roads & highways of Bangladesh. Becoming the market leader & ensure quality of products given to our customers and to be known as the technology experts and resource center for small to medium-sized organizations.